Posted by: simplyservicecompany | July 13, 2012

New Technologies Coming in A/C

I’m watching for this stuff so you don’t have to:

What’s on the Horizon in the HVAC Industry?

American Cooling and Heating Shares Information about New Products In the HVAC industry, new products are always being unveiled to help property owners find the right cooling or heating system. Each new release may provide energy savings, better heating or cooling abilities or perhaps take up less space in the basement or attic.

There are many new innovations on the horizon in the HVAC industry. While some may not be out for a few years, others will be available sooner rather than later:

DEVap – This is a system of cooling now in development. This new method of cooling uses a saline solution instead of traditional coolants. Not only will this be safer and better for the environment, but cooling costs could be up to 90% less. Demonstration units are currently priced competitively with standard units and the developer is looking for ways to lower this price even more.

Solar Air Conditioning – Harnessing the power of the sun to power a cooling system, that sounds like an ideal way to save money while keeping cool. There are a few kinks in the plan, most notably finding a way to keep the systems running at night, but a hybrid model could work. Currently, large commercial models are in testing and residential models are expected to follow.

Sound Waves – Cooling with sound waves is a relatively new concept. The idea actually got off the ground when Ben and Jerry’s was looking for a new way to cool their ice cream freezers. While these designs are just beginning to be tested, this could open the door to a new generation of energy efficient cooling systems.




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