Posted by: simplyservicecompany | December 13, 2014

Prepare for Winter

Temperatures have started to tumble and winter is just around the corner.  Now is the time to make those cheap fixes to bring down the heating and electric bill.

Getting your home ready for winter can be time consuming but in the end can save you some major money.

Most houses have a cumulative air leak the size of a refrigerator door and less than 10% of that comes from windows or doors. Trouble spots to seal include holes in the attic or basement.

Also, check your HVAC system and the duct work. About 20% of that hot air blowing through is lost due to leaks and poor connections.

One of the most important things the homeowner can do is change the filter regularly.

Another easy idea: insulate your hot water tank and water pipes and just turn down that thermostat.  You can save 2% on your heating bill for each degree you lower the thermostat.

OR . . . Just call me at 615-306-0375 and I’ll come do an inspection for you!


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