Posted by: simplyservicecompany | December 13, 2014

When Is It Time to Call Me in the Winter?

Sometimes fixes to HVAC units are simple and can be performed by the homeowner.

I’m happy to come see you anytime, but to save a couple of bucks, check out this short list of tasks you can do yourself to save time and money.

– Make sure the thermostat is set to an economical but comfortable temperature.

– Make sure the blower motor is running and check to make sure the ON/ OFF switch on your furnace is set to ON or AUTO.

– Make sure you have fresh filters and you change or clean them monthly.

– Make sure your floor vents are not blocked by furniture and check all supply vents to make sure they’re open and blowing air.

– Remove the drafts- drafts from doors, windows and other home designs can waste anywhere from 5- 30% of your home’s energy usage. Be sure to cover up drafts in the home by placing towels under the doors, and sealing off windows.

– Reverse your ceiling fans in your home- While most believe that fans are only used for cooling, they don’t realize the improvement that they can have on heating efficiency by putting that same fan that cools, in reverse. By putting the fan in reverse, warm air that rises is pushed back down toward the ground making living space warmer and reducing energy use by around 10%.

If you’ve done all this and your energy bills are still too high, it is time to call me at 615-306-0375 and I’ll do an entire energy audit for you!



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