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Why get an A/C or heating tune Up? $$$

There are several reasons why you should get a tune up every year. Since HVAC is the number one consumer of energy in the home, a tune up is designed to save you money. Many times a technician can catch small problems before they become big ones. For instance, if your system is a little low on refrigerant a technician will catch that during the tune up. If you let your system run too long without  the required amount of refrigerant you risk burning out a compressor, costing thousands of dollars. It is cheaper to add refrigerant than to replace a compressor.

Many times your technician will catch small electrical problems as well. For instance, a contactor gets worn out and stuck in the off position, (this only seems to happen on the hottest days of the summer or in the dead of winter.) Your system will not cut on and you are HOT! During a tune up an experienced technician will let the homeowner know when the contactor is starting to wear out, giving you the option of replacing it before it causes too much discomfort. Replacing the part during a tune up is cheaper than having to pay an extra service fee to get it replaced when it goes out. You have the comfort of knowing it will not go out on the hottest or coldest day and save money.

Other than catching small problems before they become big ones, keeping the coils clean is the number one way to keep your unit in tune and running efficiently. Cleaning the coils allows maximum air flow through out your system, in turn, keeping you comfortable for less $$$$. Coil cleaning also allows for maximum unit life. It is the number one best way to keep your unit from completely failing prematurely and needing to be replaced.

Safety is another reason to tune up your system twice a year. Heat exchangers crack and leak carbon monoxide into the house, or wires can get chewed by little critters.

Anytime is a good time to get a tune up. However, early spring is the best for A/C and early fall for heating. In the spring and fall we can usually schedule your tune up at your convenience. When summer and winter hits, the whole industry gets slammed, and it is harder to get a tune up scheduled conveniently.

Tune ups now cost $79 per unit at Simply Service Company. This gets you a complete system check and coil cleaning (if required). Everything from refrigerant pressures, heat exchangers, electrical components, duct work, and air filters will be checked. Now, Simply Service Company is offering a free plumbing inspection when you purchase a tune up!!!!  Get your plumbing system checked for free. You will not find this deal anywhere else. Call today (615) 306-0375 ask for Jarratt

What does $79 get me?


  • thermostat test
  • air filter check
  • refrigerant pressure test
  • condenser coil cleaning
  • evaporator coil cleaning
  • duct inspection
  • low voltage electrical test
  • high voltage electrical test
  • blower motors, fan motors, and compressor amp test
  • drain line cleaning/flush


  • thermostat test
  • air filter check (not a replacement)
  • refrigerant pressure test on heat pumps
  • condenser coil cleaning on heat pumps
  • evaporator coil cleaning on heat pumps
  • electric heat inspection on heat pumps
  • heat exchager inspection on gas furnaces
  • burner cleaning on gas furnaces
  • duct inspection
  • low voltage electrical test
  • high voltage electrical test
  • blower motors, fan motors, and compressor amp test

If we find any parts that are bad or not up to factory standard we let the homeowner know about them first before replacing. If the unit is low on refrigerant we let the homeowner know first before adding any freon. Please call if you have any questions.



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