Posted by: simplyservicecompany | March 24, 2015

Keep Cool Efficiently

Here are some more tips on keeping cool – from a “green” angle – by Tom O’Dowd. I don’t know him, but this makes sense to me:

Baby, it’s hot outside! As I’m writing this, the meteorologists are telling us to stay inside, and people outdoors look like they’re actually melting. How can I stay cool and stay green?

Change my patterns: I can wear loose clothes and stay in the shade as much as possible. Inside, I can close drapes and turn off lights. Sitting under a tree with an iced tea sounds nice, but a deciduous tree outside my window shades me inside the house and lets the sun in during the winter.

Use my air-conditioning unit correctly: Here are some tips:

1. Don’t turn down the temperature right after you turn on the machine — it won’t make it cool faster and will use more energy.

2. It might make economical-ecological sense to use a higher fan speed, or just fans in general. Most people can be comfortable in the upper 70s, but many buildings are cooled to the lower 60s.

3. Like my car and refrigerator, regular maintenance will help keep my air-conditioning unit running efficiently. I should vacuum or wash the filters, and, if my air conditioner is 10 years old, I should consider getting a new one.

If I do buy a new air conditioner: I will try to buy machines with the Energy Star label, a label that the joint program of the EPA and Department of Energy put on appliances to help people buy the most energy-efficient (and cost-reducing) products. Energy Star claims to cut home-cooling costs (and waste) by 30 percent. You can also get an Energy Star certified installation, an Energy Star- certified home, or buy a solar-powered air conditioner.

I can also close leaks to keep in the cool air. While I already close doors and windows to the rooms I’m cooling, there are still gaps I can seal up. Efficiently heating and cooling my home is one of the best ways I can reduce my impact.

OR . . . Just call me at 615-306-0375 and I’ll do the A/C parts for you! I won’t close your blinds, though. I don’t think Lindsey would like that!



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