Posted by: simplyservicecompany | March 24, 2015

Tips for Beating the Heat

Here are some “Tips for Beating the Heat” from 7/11/12 from some A/C folks in Arizona:

The goal when trying to stay cool is to lower the body temperature. One way to do this is to jump in the pool, run through the sprinkler or take a cool shower. One can also sit with feet in a bucket of cool or ice water to lower body temperatures. Fans to circulate the air can help it feel cooler inside, even when the air conditioner is not working well.

However, the most important way to keep cool and safe in extreme high temperatures is to ensure that air conditioning is fully functional. If an Air Conditioning Unit is broken or if air conditioning is unavailable then going to a place with A/C is a good temporary fix, go to a shopping mall, sit in a restaurant and enjoy a cold drink, or check into a hotel until the problem is resolved or wait until it cools down.

High Temperatures Make a Working Air Conditioner a Priority

At times, air conditioners are viewed as luxury items, but not so in record breaking summers. At temperatures significantly over 100, a broken air conditioner can be a life threatening problem.




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