Praying on the Job

Brian healed at work. 01/09/18

Brian has now had meningitis twice and nearly died both times.

Each time he has spent several days in the hospital along with a long stay at home to help him heal. Many prayers by friends and family have carried him through this time.

When he returned to work, many customers had been asking about him, so he was thankful to be back in the houses and talking with them.

While trying to repair a unit at the Kirk’s house he mentioned to Mrs. Harriet about his situation. Moved by the Spirit, she grabbed her healing oil and called for Mr. Reinny. They laid hands on Brian and doused him with some oil.

Brian said he could feel the presence of the Lord and their hands on him. He said he felt no other feeling at all other than great peace. The doctor tested Brian’s spleen and the results came back negative.

We are looking forward to seeing what the Lord is going to do during this time with Brian. He came out of that call encouraged and strengthened in his faith as well.

Thank you Lord for brave customers and Houses of Acts.


Jarratt: Broken Rib healing

2017 sometime around April

I was loading up some scrap metal on the scraper’s trailer when I leaned over the edge of the trailer to move an old lawn mower.

I heard my rib pop and felt it roll under the rib above it. It was my lower left rib.

I knew it was broken as soon as it happened. The pain over the next week was hard to deal with. Getting in and out of the truck was the hardest. I was slow at work (Mr. Leland’s Job.)

About a week after that, we had decided to take the kids out to the farm and play with Grandmother. As we were about to leave Grandmother came out to give me a hug.

It hurt to hug her, but as I looked down she had her hand on my rib and her eyes closed. I said “Grandmother are you praying for me?” she opened her eyes and smiled as she said “amen.”

I did not realize it at the time, but as I left, I had climbed on up into my truck with very little pain. That night, before I went to bed, I laughed as I took the Ibuprofen because I had realized my pain level was significantly lower than when I woke up.

The next day at work I was normal and did not even know it. I had just gone to work when Mr. Leland made the comment that I looked like I was doing better.

I said, “Yes sir, my grandmother prayed for healing over me and the Lord healed me.”

He smiled and said if the pain ever feels like it’s coming back proclaim the healing.


Ps. Sometimes I have a random pain in that rib and smile as I rub it. It doesn’t hurt enough to complain about. Just enough to smile and remember that moment with grandmother and God.


Digging through dirt.     September/October 2009

When Simply Service Company first started I was asked to dig out a crawl space and install new duct work on an old house.

We had an old plastic feeding trough that we made into a sled with a rope tied to it. We hooked one end of the rope to a four-wheeler and slid the sled under the house. Each day we took small picks and shovels under the house with us. We filled five-gallon buckets with dirt and put them in the sled.

Then the four-wheeler would pull all 7 buckets on the sled out of the crawl space. We would dump the dirt onto a trailer then slide the sled back under the crawl for the next load.

Four of us would do this each day for the entire month of September and part of October. This job in itself was one of the first miracles at Simply Service, partly because it was our first big job.

I had taken the job while having only one employee (me) on the belief that God would provide the people. We needed 4-5 people that did not mind digging dirt out of an old crawl space.

About an hour after talking with the home owners and agreeing to the job, I was on my way home thinking to myself I had made the worst decision in my life.

While at a stop sign close to home, a neighbor friend pulled up and rolled down his window to say hi. In the middle of that two minute conversation about how work was going, his passenger asked if I needed any help.

I explained the job to him thinking there is no way anyone would want this job, but to my surprise, not only did he want the job he had a friend that would be interested as well. Just like that, there were three: Josh, Chris and myself.

Later that weekend I got another call from Brandon who was looking for work while in-between jobs. Brandon had a resume of plumbing (mostly) and some HVAC work and he was a friend of the family that had played ball with my brother.

I explained to him his responsibility of when not running plumbing calls he would be digging dirt. Brandon agreed and just like that, Simply Service went from 1 to 4 employees. Add Lindsey my wife and  we had 5.

At some point on a job like this, you get to know the people who are next to you. You learn their struggles and their strengths. You get close – sharing stories, singing random songs to pass time and ignore the dirt that gets everywhere.

One day as Brandon was sharing with me about some personal things happening in his life, I asked if he had accepted Christ. He said no, that he could not remember a time when he had given his life to Christ. As we prayed together on that dirty job site he accepted Christ. We both teared up with excitement and went back to work.


And here are some of the friends and suppliers who help us get the job done.



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