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Six Tips and Myths About Lightning

I heard this on ABC news. Since it involves plumbing (sort of,) I thought I’d pass it along:

As the summer’s crazy weather brought another weekend of deadly lightning strikes, this time at a Pennsylvania auto racing event, Americans are reminded of the myths surrounding the dramatic and dangerous spectacle of Mother Nature as well as tips to keep safe.

Severe weather left one NASCAR fan dead and nine injured this weekend after lightning struck behind the stands at Pennsylvania’s 400 Sprint Cup Race at the Pocono Raceway near Scranton.

“When things started to clear up all we saw was a camping tent destroyed and two bodies on the ground,” racing fan Kyle Manger told ABC News.

A severe storm warning had been issued about 45 minutes before the strike, and fans had been advised over the public address system and through social media to take cover.

Here are three tips — and three myths — about lightning, should you encounter a severe weather situation, with or without similar warnings.


1. Seek shelter in a large enclosed building

Lightning will travel through the wiring or plumbing of the building — into the ground and away from you.

“Half the people that die from lightning strikes in the U.S. this year were standing under trees and the other half were out in open fields,” chief meteorologist for KTRK, Tim Heller, told ABC News.

2. Do not use a corded telephone or anything plugged into the wall

Lightning can travel through wiring and plumbing — so even if you’re indoors, you must still be cautious.

3. Stay away from sinks, tubs and showers

And if going inside isn’t an option, seek shelter in a car with a hard top. That way, even if the car is struck by lightning, it will travel through the metal of the car and down into the ground, away from you.


1. Lightning never strikes the same place twice

False! Take the Empire State Building for example — it gets struck around 25 times each year.

2. If it isn’t raining, you don’t have to worry about lightning

That’s not true either. Lightning can travel up to 25 miles from a storm. So even if the storm seems far away, lightning may still be a threat.

3. You’re safer if you lay flat or get close to the ground

People used to think that getting low to the ground meant you were less likely to be struck by lightning. But that’s not true either. It doesn’t matter how tall you are, if you’re not indoors, you’re at risk.

So bottom line, go inside if you see lightning — no matter how close you may think it is.

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“Child of God, Husband, Father, Technician”

I have known Jarratt both personally and professionally for a number of years. His character and professional performance has always been to the highest of standards. The feedback from people I have referred to him, and to Simply Service Company have thanked me for the referral. As he himself has stated “Child of God, Husband, Father, Technician” pretty well sums it up.

Dave Johnson

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“They repair what they say they are.”

For those of you looking for an AC repair company look no futher than Simply Service Co.  Jarratt and his guys always show up on time and repair what they say they are. Even on emergencies, they are there in a timely fashion. Try them and you will know what I am talking about.

Dr Rob Fesmire

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“Prompt, efficient, competitive”

Jarratt –

I am pleased to reccomend you and your Company to anyone requiring service on Heating or Air Conditioning equipment. I was very pleased with the job you did for me on my rental property by furnishing and installing a new Hot Water Heater on such short notice. Your prompt and efficient work and competitive pricing compared to some of the Larger Companies was appreciated.Please feel free to give me as a reference anytime.

Gary Conn

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I Really Do Want to Help You Save Money

I know I post a lot of tips on saving money on heating & cooling. Here’s another from Phoenix, AZ.

But you don’t have to live in Phoenix to be hot. We’ve got a lot of that right here! Here’s what they say:

Staying cool costs money. In the summer, air conditioning is the big energy ticket item. Simple changes can ease the financial strain and keep your home more comfortable at the same time.

1) Air Filters

When things appear to be functioning correctly, homeowners forget the importance of changing their HVAC air filter. Yet dirty filters reduce air flow, force your system to work hard and result in wasted energy. Change the HVAC filter once a month. It will reduce cooling expenses and prevent the build up of dust and dirt, which may even eliminate the future need for at least one service call.

2) HVAC System Tune Up

What would it cost to repair your automobile if you never changed the oil until the engine seized up? Although special circumstances such as landscaping-related dust and debris may prompt a need for a special maintenance call, once a year is typically sufficient for a home HVAC system. Spend a little to save bunches.

Use the following A/C maintenance checklist for a safety guide:

Reasonable thermostat settings 
Secure electrical connections 
Lubrication of moving parts 
Functioning condenser drain 
Functional controls 
Dirt on the condenser coils 
Refrigerant level – Typically requires a technician 
Clean blower components 
Clean filters.

3) Programmable Thermostat

Not all home air conditioning systems have an installed programmable thermostat. Yet when correctly installed and properly used, a programmable thermostat can reduce your yearly energy costs by as much as $190.

4) Leaking Duct System

Low air pressure moving through your home may be the result of an improperly sealed heating and cooling duct system. As much as twenty percent of your cooling and heating cost may be coming to rest in the crawlspace beneath your home or in your attic.

5) Upgrade to a New Energy-Efficient HVAC System

Old systems cost more to operate than the modern energy-efficient products produced by Amana, Carrier, Rheem and others. A new energy-efficient home HVAC system can reduce your yearly energy bill by as much as $200.

If your system is older than ten years or if it is not keeping your home livable and comfortable, perhaps you should have it evaluated.

6) Proper Installation

Perhaps a new system is the only answer to your home cooling complication. If so, seek the best in performance, energy efficiency and installation services. Improper HVAC installation can reduce your energy efficiency by as much as 30 percent – not to mention the excess wear and tear on your equipment.


REMEMBER: I’m here 24 hours a day for you and will do a free evaluation and free estimate. Call me at 615-306-0375.

Read more:

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“Clean, quick, and honest”

Simply Service has been a blessing to us.  Jarratt and his emplyees do a clean, quick and honest job.  They are so good at explaining to us what the problem is and the options for repairing it.  They are the only repairmen I want taking care of my home.  Thanks Jarratt.
Jim and Lynn Harrison
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“How awesome is that!”

Jarratt and his team provide excellent service.  Simply Service has done some major renovations for our HVAC – correcting sloppy work done by previous installers.  They will follow through until the customer is totally satisfied.  Jarratt has even come to my house when my problem was with something other than the HVAC. How awesome is that!  If you want a truly trustworthy technician – Call Simply Service.
Cindy Kurzrock
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“He honors your space and time”

I was beyond impressed with the work we received through Simply Service Company!  We had to get a new heat/air unit, which I was not looking forward to doing, but what a difference it has made in our home.  We also had our vents cleaned and our water heater repaired.  Jarratt can do it all and do it well!  He is honoring of your space and time too!

Lainie Stubblefield

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“Options for the short and long term”

I recently had problems with my A/C unit not working and called Simply Service to come take a look at what was wrong.  The service was prompt, affordable and the problem was fixed correctly. The thing I like most about Simply Service is that they explain exactly what the problem is and then give you options for how the problem can be fixed, both short term and long term. From now on, Simply Service will be who I go to for all of my home heating and cooling needs!

Cody Ramsey from Brentwood

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“Very dependable and honest”

I used simply service  to  correct a problem with my dryer vent and he not only showed  up 10 minutes early but  corrected  it  in  a  timely  manner. I have also  used  him  for  the  heating  and  air service  for  a  tune  up  which  showed  I  was NOT   in  need  of  anything  at  this  time  and  that  he  would  see  me  in  the  Fall…. he  is  very  dependable  and  honest in  his  profession.

Mary Nicorvo

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