This is the time of year to install Carbon Monoxide detectors. Especially if you have a gas furnace

Typically I will get a few calls this time of year due to a smell coming from the furnace. This is due to the dust, rust, and other small particals burning inside the heating unit. If the smell does not go away after a few hours then give me a call.

Heating and Air

  • Have an annual a/c  inspection.
  • Have an annual Heating inspection
  • Change air filter every month or every three months depending on type of air filters
  • Keep batteries in thermostat changed. (I hate charging for replacing batteries. It is so simple when the batteries light comes on change your batteries)
  • Make sure all breakers and switches are on
  • Carbon Monoxide detectors just as important as smoke detectors


  • Have an annual Plumbing inspection Now $49 or it is free with a/c Tune Up
  • Flush water heater out annually as recommended by all manufactures ($10 with free plumbing inspection)
  • Only put extra small amounts of food down disposal! Big stuff in trash
  • Close foundation vents in the winter
  • Try Plunging first
  • Carbon Monoxide detectors just as important as smoke detectors

Duct Cleaning 

  • Try not to sweep trash and dust into or near the floor registers in the house
  • Keep the filter changed
  • Seal all duct leaks especially on the return line
  • It is recomended to have your duct work cleaned every 5-7 years

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